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Looking for a 4th year design project?

Hey there everyone!

Are you a super responsible student who is already thinking about their 4th year design project for next year? Well, thankfully Professor O’Brian has a couple of project already in the works! Check out the posting below from Professor O’Brien and if you need more inspiration, check out his TEDxRideauCanal talk. Good luck on exams.


Professor O’Brien is searching for enthusiastic students for some neat ENVE 4907 projects related to green buildings, green roofs, and indoor air quality. You don’t need a specific background in these topics; just keenness to learn and deliver a good project. The indoor air quality project will involve using some brand-new testing equipment to measure contaminant levels throughout campus buildings (don’t worry – you’ll have Prof. O’Brien’s IAQ course students to help you collect data!).

Please contact Prof. O’Brien if you are interested or know someone who might be. All projects can be found here: http://www1.carleton.ca/cee/people/liam-obrien


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Job Posting: Junior Engineering

For all you graduating engineers out there, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates is looking for a bilingual junior engineer to work on air and noise projects in Ottawa. One of the panelists on next week’s Career Panel (taking place on January 26th from 7pm to 8:30pm in room ME 3275) is a representative from Conestoga-Rovers & Associates and attending the panel would be a great opportunity to get a feel of the company.

The job posting can be viewed here: http://www.careerbuilder.ca/Jobs/Conestogaroversassociates/Junior_Sp_Engineer_Sp_-_Sp_Bilingual/JHN3ZT69893M9S8QDK8

An stay tuned for more details about our panelists for the career panel next week!

— Natalie

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Clean Air Champions at the AWMA Breakfast Seminar

 This morning I attended the AWMA breakfast seminar where Deidre Laframboise, founder of the Clean Air Champions (CAC), talked a little about their programs.

Clean Air Champions is a series of programs that gets Canada’s top athletes to talk to elementary and high school students about the health effects of air pollution and climate change and what they can do about it. The CAC programs are really impressive and well designed to fit into the curriculum and teachers are more than happy to have them come into their classrooms. Did you know that an athlete will inhale 10x more air in their lifetime than the average person? They also travel the world and know the effects of air quality first hand as they have to adjust to their training schedule to local air quality conditions. That, plus the fact that our top athletes have to overcome difficult challenges to compete at high levels and are great role models for kids makes our athletes a great fit for motivating kids to take action. In the past, Carleton alumni and Olympic athlete Sarah Boudens (www.sarahboudens.ca) was a clean air champion.

If you are a teacher and want to participate in the program, there are a number of programs available depending on the grade level of your students. For more info check out their website: www.cleanairchampions.ca

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Article Series: War Over the Oil Sands

The Tyee, British Columbia’s premier independent online newspaper, is currently running a series of articles titled “The War Over the Oil Sands” which is shedding light on the controversy in Washington DC over the Alberta’s oil sands. The Series’ webpage can be found here: http://thetyee.ca/Series/2011/03/15/WarOverOilSands/

In this major series, The Tyee energy reporter Geoff Dembicki reports from America’s capital on the intense, high stakes political struggle there fueled by Alberta crude. Canadian politicians, allied with oil lobbyists, are battling environmental groups for the hearts and minds of U.S. politicians with the power to vote either a free flowing future for the oil sands, or climate change legislation that severely crimps Alberta’s markets.

This multi-part series begins with three stories this week and will feature many more in the coming weeks. The first article primes the reader for the conflict between environmental NGOs and the monolith of Canadian politicians and the industry’s lobby groups. This macro-view of the debate is then illustrated by the second and third articles, which are essentially an interview with Tom Corcoran, a former Republican congressman who now advocates on behalf of Alberta’s oil sands. During his afternoon with Tom, Mr. Dembicki looks at the passing of The Energy Security and Independence Act of 2007, and section 526 of the act which is meant to limit the import of “unconventional fuels” and has led to the current conflict.

Stay tuned to the Tyee for the next couple of weeks; this is truly original and in-depth journalism at its best.

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AWMA Breakfast Seminar this Wednesday!

Don’t forget about that the Ottawa Valley Chapter of the Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA) is holding a breakfast seminar  at the Courtyard Restaurant (21 George St.) THIS Wednesday (Nov 3) at 7:30 a.m. The speaker is Carleton’s own Dr. Amir Hakami, who will present “Using Air Quality Models as Decision Support Tools“.
There will be a  full breakfast buffet, a formal presentation followed by a Q&A period and as usual, opportunity to network.  Please see this invitation for further details.
Admission is $10 for AWMA student members and $15 for student non-members. Please register at at http://www.awma-ovc.ca/ (click the on-line registration link for the event). Payment can be done online by VISA or Master Card or at the door by VISA, Master Card, cash or cheque.
For more information on how to join the AWMA student chapter, click here.

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AWMA Breakfast Seminar: Using Air Quality Models as Decision Support Tools

The Ottawa Valley Chapter of the Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA) is holding a breakfast seminar to take place at the Courtyard Restaurant, 21 George St. on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 7:30 a.m. Their guest speaker will be Dr. Amir Hakami from Carleton University, who will present “Using Air Quality Models as Decision Support Tools“. There will be a  full breakfast buffet and an interesting formal presentation followed by a Q&A period. As usual, there will also be an opportunity to network with colleagues.  Please see this invitation for further details.
Advanced registration is $25 for A&WMA members and $30 for non-members.  Students pay $10 if they are members or $15 if they are non-members.  We encourage online registration before November 1st, 2010, as it helps us to arrange the venue and anticipate the number of attendees.  Payment online by VISA or Master Card can be made at http://www.awma-ovc.ca/ (click the on-line registration link for the event).   Payment at the door can be by VISA, Master Card, cash or cheque. For more information on how to join the AWMA student chapter, click here.

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