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ACE ECi 2014

The Environmental Challenge International (ECi) for 2014 has been announced!

SEEDS, in collaboration with the A&WMA Ottawa Valley Chapter want to send a group of students from Ottawa to represent us in this challenge.

What is the ECi?  ECi is a student competition that takes place during the annual A&WMA conference.  Students are challenged to propose a solution to a given problem, and present it in both a poster presentation and a public forum style presentation.  The competition is being hosted in Long Beach, California, USA this June!

Carleton University has competed three times in the past, and has always represented the university well.  This year we wish to bring more students from the University of Ottawa on board.  The ECi is an amazing opportunity for students to compete internationally, network internationally, and develop their poster and presentation skills. Plus, there are large cash prizes!  (which students from Carleton have won several times in the past.)

The competition this year will be to propose an environmental plan to perform a dredging operation.  The full problem statement can be found here.

In order to put together a team, we need you to email your interest to asap.  If we receive enough interest, we’ll host a mini-competition among those who want to go.  This format of the mini-competition will be to draft the proposal required for the actual ECi, so in that way it’s a great prep round.

Once a team is formed, SEEDS will offer any support and advice that we can, including organizing mock presentations to local professionals to get a real-world perspective on the proposal.

In order to qualify, you must be a student, and able to travel to the US this June.

Dates & Deadlines are all tentative but will be posted soon.  Roughly however,

  • April 1st – Deadline to email informing SEEDS of your interest in participating.
  • Late April – Mini-Competition to determine term to sponsor
  • Early May – Refine your proposal and have it reviewed by previous competition attendees and local experts.
  • Late May – Submit proposal to competition
  • First week of June – Present your poster to a panel of former competition attendees.
  • Second week of June – Present your idea (full mock presentation) to local industry professionals
  • Late June – Fly off to California and win!

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ACE ECi 2013 – Cancelled

Unfortunately, the ECi at the annual A&WMA conference this year has been cancelled.

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BioBuild Challenge

A notice for the BioBuild Challenge came across my desk. Thought I’d forward it along.

From FPInnovations,

The BioBuild challenge is an online collaborative event that will take place over a 12 week period. Participants with varied backgrounds such as; wood science, engineering, design and chemistry are invited to work together to explore the use of novel wood-based bio-materials to produce next generation multi-functional building panels.

This challenge will run from February 25th until June 18th, 2013. The submission deadline is May 17th.

If you have an interest in building products, bio-materials or design, your input would be valued in this challenge. Students, academics and practitioners are all welcome. You can participate a little or a lot, either way you are sure to learn something new, stretch your creativity and make connections. In addition, there is 5000$ CDN worth of prize money for the best concepts.

For more information and to register visit, or contact Barbara Bell by email or 604 876 1169.

Sponsored by FPInnovations, Canadaʼs forest product research centre.

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Canada’s Greatest Know It All is Casting Talented Women!

Canada’s Know It All Trailer

A nationwide search has begun for Discovery Channel’s hit television series “Canada’s Greatest Know It All”

Are you the one people call when they need to find facts fast? Are you amazing at finding solutions to everyday life challenges? Do you have an opinion about everything — and are usually right?

The television show “Canada’s Greatest Know It All” is a challenged based series. In the series, ten competitors claim to be “know-it-alls” and compete in a series of unique challenges. The challengers depend upon practical knowledge of physics, mathematics, and engineering to succeed at the challenges, as well as an ability to overcome the stereotype of know-it-alls. In this show, being a Know It All and using your knowledge to get through challenges is good, positive, and smart.

We are looking for women from all walks of life: engineers, stay at home moms, chemists, mechanics, doctors, accountants, nurses,  doctors, construction workers, artists, athletes, musicians…etc This is an incredible opportunity(paid) and experience that can change your life!

If you think you can put your intelligence to practical use, and find your way out of puzzling challenges then apply through our website

To qualify:

You are a woman over 18 years of age who lives in Canada.

You may or may not have a post-secondary degree or formal training, but you are unbeatable for how much you know about everything!

Download your application at  and EMAIL YOUR APPLICATION to:


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The ECi Competition is over!!

We have some great news!

Tuesday night was very late night finishing off the presentation with the tweak. We got up early to practice and make it to the conference. We drew for the second spot to present and we did great. We got some tough questions from the judges but they were fair. After all the presentations were done we attended the awards ceremony for student posters and presentations, as well as the ECi. We came in second place!!

We were so excited after all that hard work. The University of Florida got first place with some great ideas. We had fun celebrating with our sparkly Mickey ears and took lots of photos. We came back for our first swim in the hotel pool (finally) and then went to a great Irish pub in downtown Disney for supper and unexpected entertainment (live music and Irish dancing). Hooray!

Today we attend some technical sessions and the Awards Luncheon and Ceremony. Michelle was disappointed there were no talks related to her research and Nicole missed anything related to her research because it was yesterday morning. But hey – we learned something!

This afternoon we are off to Typhoon Lagoon for some water park fun! Thanks again to everyone for your support and we can’t wait to talk more about the conference when we get back.




We are ready for the presentation

The SEEDS Team and the massive presentation screen.

We won Second Place!

The ceremony

Do the A-W-M-A!

The Silver Poster

Finally... some much deserved time in the pool.

The Orlando Vistal Hotel (also known as the pineapple hotel).

The dream Land


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ECi Team in Orlando!

Hi everyone! We made it to Orlando, and it is soooooooooooo hot.

Michelle R, Nicole and Erqin arrive on Saturday and we spent the first 2 days trying to get our poster finished and printed. It took much longer than planned but we were so relieved when it was finished!! You can see it in a picture below.

Straight off the airplane, working on the poster.

Sunday we played mini-golf before getting caught in a huge storm. We then visited Downtown Disney to start our tourist adventure! We spent Monday at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and had a great time. It was definitely a hot day but we saw some cool animals and attractions, including a Lion King show that was amazing.

Erqin’s first time mini-golfing!

Joining the Rainforest Café animals!

Frog eyes anyone?

Bug eyes anyone?

The Festival of the Lion King.

To Africa!

Giraffes on a safari ride.

A wobbly bridge at Animal Kingdom.

The Tree of Life in the background.

Michelle C arrived Monday evening and we finalized our poster presentation. Today was an early day to get to the conference for a student breakfast and ECi orientation. This afternoon was the poster presentation and it went great!! We interacted with judges and role players from the problem scenario. We think we did a great job 🙂

Michelle at the Coronado Springs resort.

Our team and our poster – finally!

Michelle squared talking with judges

Tonight there was a Grand Reception for all conference attendees – it’s huge! They needed more chairs. Tonight we are very tired but we need to finalize our presentation for tomorrow. We are hoping to catch some technical sessions too. we’ll post again tomorrow – thanks for reading!

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It’s back! SEEDS’ Workshop and Competition for the Environmental Challenge International

SEEDS Carleton, with the support of the Ottawa Valley Chapter (OVC) of the A&WMA, would like to give 4 students a chance compete once again in the Environmental Challenge International, or ECi, presented as part of A&WMA’s annual conference and exhibition (ACE 2011) in Orlando, Florida from June 20-24, 2011. ECi 2011 is a great opportunity to present your solution to industry professionals, to network and most importantly, to have a chance at the price money!

The title of this year’s challenge is A 2025 Federal Renewable Portofolio“. The full information documents can be found here:

To help you prepare your submission, SEEDS will be holding a one-day workshop on Saturday May 14th beginning at 9:30 a.m. in ME 3444 where students will be able to talk to local experts, to form groups of 4 and begin working on their 5-page (max) proposals. Local experts and professionals will be available from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (noon) to discuss with students and point them in the right direction. Students have until 4:00 p.m. to work in the boardroom. By Monday, May 16th at 9:00 a.m. each group must submit a 5-page (max) proposal of their solution to The solutions will be judged by the A&WMA experts and the the winning team will be awarded a chance to compete in the ECi in Orlando. The winning team will have until May 28 to further develop their proposal and submit it to the competition organizers. A poster and presentation must be prepared for the conference itself.

Come prepared with your ideas and enthusiasm! Only student members of the OVC-A&WMA are eligible to participate however, if you are not a member you can join on Saturday May 14 for a reduced membership price of $10. Lunch will be provided by SEEDS.

SEEDS’ Workshop and Competition for the Environmental Challenge International

  • Workshop Date: Saturday May 14
  • Workshop Time: 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Workshop Location: room 3444 Makenzie Building, Carleton University
  • Competition Deadline: 9:00 a.m. Monday May 16 for 5-page submission to
  • RSVP by clicking here or accept the Facebook invitation here.

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ENVE 4908 Final Year Design Project Presentations

It’s that time of year again, the Carleton University ENVE 4908 Final Year Design Project Presentations!  This year we would like to invite all undergraduate and graduate students alike to attend these presentations.  The presentations will take place  Tuesday March 29th 2011.  The presentations are broken up into two sessions.

Session A: Tory 236, 8:35 AM — 9:55 PM

  • Design of an earth energy system for a residential subdivision
    V. Advani, A. Lambros, L. Wadey, R. Arsenault
    Supervisor: Professor B. Isgor
  • Design of a deposition plan for oil sands tailings
    Yu, L., H. Tsang, D. Wu, N. Kajouri
    Supervisor: Professor P. Simms
  • Site remediation of a former jet fuel storage facility
    A. Fernades, K. Bazinet, H. Bromley, C. Ng
    Supervisor: Professor P. van Geel
  • North Gower Village Rideau Works Yard Site Remediation Plan
    A. Chowdhury, T. Sarabian, H. Dong, Q. Nguyen
    Supervisor: Professor P. van Geel

Session B: Mackenzie 4342, 1:05 PM — 2:25 PM

  • Living System Design: a natural wastewater treatment system for Ottawa’s Central Experimental Farm
    A. Pappin, A. Lynch, A. Gladish, T. MacPherson
    Supervisor: Professor B. Örmeci
  • Drinking Water for El Matazano Village, El Salvador
    J. Reyes, D. Achircano, M. Valiente, J. Garcia
    Supervisor: Professor P. Simms
  • Design of a tire derived fuel system
    A. Menyhart, I. Madueke, K. Dion-Belair, T. Lyon
    Supervisor: Professor A. Hakami
  • Design of an anaerobic digester for a livestock farm
    B. Koehler, S. Walker, P. Wilder, A. Mullen
    Supervisor: Professor A. Hakami

Presentations with be 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.

These projects are a show case of the students ability to incorporate the fundamentals in mathematics, science, and engineering and apply their skills to real-world problems.  So if you have time this March 29th, come experience these presentations.

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Solar Decathlon Project

Here is a message that SEEDS has received from Austin, a student in Aerospace Engineering at Carleton. He’s looking to diversify the Solar Decathlon Team. If you are interested, you can email Austin at

Here is the message:

“The solar decathlon is a solar house design competition held by the US department of energy. There’s a lot of information on the website ( and you can take a look at the current teams for the 2011 competition. The way things are structured at Carleton is it’s a three year long project with three distinct stages. Currently we’re nearing the end of the conceptual design phase, next year will be the detailed design phase, and the final year will be construction and testing. 

The project involves researching, designing, simulating, building and testing systems. I have enjoyed the project a lot because I know that the decisions I make have a real impact and I will see my designs beign built. Also, green building design is not trivial, there are so many variables and it’s difficult to optimize all the factors, for instance we have to balance engineering, marketability, cost, weight (because the house has to be shipped), and environmental impact. So it is a very realistic senario, and it provides a good experience that will stand out on a resume.

There are two issues with the project that need to be fixed. The first is that there is usually a steep learning curve. For example, it took us the first four months of the project to understand what we needed to do, and about two more months to get good at it. So we need 3rd year students to get involved now to understand what’s going on so the project will get rolling quickly in the fall. That is the main reason I’m emailing. The second thing (and I don’t know if this is applicable or not) is that we only have mech, aero and architecture students at the moment, and, while those diciplines are good and necessary, our focus has been too narrow. We need a greater range of skills as there are definitely things in our blindspot that we have not considered.

The cool thing is that this industry is really about the explode, there is so much room for growth in this area. I decided I wanted to switch career paths after joining this project once I realized that you could reduce the energy use of a building at code to half without any extra cost, just in the method of building. So, it’s definitely useful experience. […]


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Paper Airplanes Competition this Sunday

Do you know how to fold the perfect paper airplane?!

Folded Dreams is a paper airplane competition taking place this Sunday March 6th. How amazing is that! It’s all happening at the Montpetit Gym at the University of Ottawa and if you win you could be jumping out of a real airplane. If you want to participate, you have to register so, check out their website at

PS: if you want to study up, this website has some great resources. 😉

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