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Recap: Career Panel for the New Environmental Professional

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re feeling energized for a great week ahead! I know I sure am.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the career panel last week. From what I can tell, the event was a success! The speakers all told me they were impressed by your curiosity and they were very happy to stay well beyond the time the event was scheduled to finish at.

I just thought I would touch on a couple of points brought up by the panellists. First, we learned that while there is a trend to eliminate the cover letter, most pamellists agree that it is what sets you apart that will get you the job. So, make sure to highlight what makes you special in a well written and engaging cover letter and don’t neglect that small section titled “interests and hobbies”. For additional job hunting resources, Mr. Boulton highly recommends checking out Eco Canada ( and Mr. Philopoulous suggested you pick up the book “What Color is your Parachute“. The panellists also all seem to agree that while a graduate degree isn’t a prerequisite for most junior positions, many professionals do seek additional education at some point. A Masters of Public Policy was recommended if you’re interested in government and an MBA, a Masters of Applied Science or a PhD would serve you well in consulting.

Another point brought up by the panellists is that sometimes you need to physically get in front of the people who are hiring. Firing off your resumes into cyberspace can only get you so far. The career panel was an excellent opportunity for you to do just that! Becoming part of professionals associations, such as the A&WMA, is another. Did you know that all of the panellists that came out last Thursday did so because they were asked by a member of or are themselves a member of the A&WMA board of directors? The panellists are just a small example of the wonderful people you could meet by participating in A&WMA events. I encourage you to learn more about the A&WMA and attend other of their excellent events and meet people in your field (or future field). I also encourage you to check out other professional organisations such as the OGG, CSCE, ASHRAE, WEAO, YEP… you get the picture. Just get out there and good luck!

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ASHRAE Meeting

Attention all Green Building Enthusiasts!

The next ASHRAE meeting is on January 17th 2012.

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ASHRAE Meeting Time Change

Attention all SEEDS members. For those of you who don’t already know, Carleton university is implementing a ASHRAE Student Chapter. Getting involved in this chapter means you will have the opportunity to NETWORK with professionals involved in sustainability, LEED and Smart building design! Come out to their information night this Monday October 17th at 6:00pm in SGRC (room 5326 Mackenzie). If you cannot make the meeting but your interested in becoming a member email Laura Creswell and Katie McNeil at

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New ASHRAE Student Chapter at Carleton

Please Note: this meeting has been resheduled for MONDAY OCTOBER 17TH at 6:00pm in SGRC (room 5326 Mackenzie). For more details click here

Don’t know what ASHRAE is? Don’t worry I didn’t either. ASHRAE is an acronym for “American Society of HVAC Engineers” and they specialize in smart building design, LEED and HVAC. There are a couple of students looking to start a student chapter at Carleton.

The purpose of the Carleton student chapter is to get students to purchase a student membership and come out to ASHRAE’s Ottawa Valley monthly chapter meetings. At these meetings students have the amazing opportunity to network with a lot of big companies. During the meetings, students will be provided with a meal and a lecture on hot topics in the industry. Having a Carleton ASHRAE membership means members do not pay for these meals or the event. The price of the membership is yet to be decided but it will be somewhere between 20$-50$ and will last for the entire year.

Katie and Laura (the two students who are spearheading this initiative) will be hosting a quick 20 minute info meeting on OCTOBER 12th at 5:30pm in SGRC (that’s the Student Group Resource Room, it’s on the 5th floor of Makenzie and to get there you have to take the stair between the 2nd and 3rd blocks). If you are interested in ASHRAE and becoming a member, then I encourage you to go to the meeting. Networking, a lecture and a meal is a pretty good deal for any student! For additional information email Katie and Laura at

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