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CanmetENERGY Tour

Join SEEDS on a tour of the CanmetENERGY labs at Natural Resources Canada in Bell’s Corners.  The tour will be on the morning of Friday, January 18th at 9 am*.
The tour will be comprised of the Vertical Combuster & Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) technologies, the Advanced Concepts Integrated Energy Systems Laboratory, and the Electrical Energy Storage laboratory.
The tour is geared for both students in Mechanical & Aerospace as well as Environmental Engineering, though students from any background, graduate or undergraduate more than welcome to come.
The Vertical Combuster is the largest most advanced facility of its kind in the world.  This laboratory researches how to reduced GHG’s, NOx and SOx emissions, it also hosts  suite of advanced oxy-fuel and carbon dioxide capture technologies. The future of CCS technologies is somewhat controversial, some believing there is no future while others seeing it as our only hope to prevent the climate from warming more than 2 degrees.
The Advanced Concepts Integrated Energy Systems Laboratory concentrations on next generation systems for residential and commercial applications.  In this lab, electricity is generated with no moving parts, and the heat is recovered for space/water applications.  Alternative fuels, such as alcohols, bio-fuels, and hydrogen and being examined for high-efficiency combustion applications for buildings.
These technologies have huge impacts on climate, air quality and power generation techniques.  Please review this document for more information.
Join us on January 18th!  Students must RSVP in advance using this form.  Please email if you have any questions.  Limit of 20 students.  International students must RSVP at least 3 weeks in advance.  All tour members are required to wear closed toed shoes (safety boots preferred.)  Bring Photo ID!  Other equipment such as hard hats and safety glasses will be provided on site.

* For those who need a ride, rides will be leaving Carleton by 8:30 am, so please show up at 8:20.  We will meet in front of the University Center in the parking lot.  Other transportation options are being looked into, those who register will be kept informed of this.

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