WEAO: Student Design Competition

The deadline for the WEAO Student Design Competition has been extended to Wednesday, 21st of November, 2012 | Team Entry Form Deadline

“The SDC was the defining project of my undergraduate career. Prior to taking part, I felt a little out of place in the field as I approached graduation with very little out of classroom experience. My team and I were forced to learn new skills in order to put forth a winning submission. In the competition and in WEAO, I met a very supportive community of industrial and academic members. Pushing myself to complete the challenge helped boost my confidence, which is allowing me to pursue opportunities I would not have considered in the past. Our achievement in the competition has been highly regarded in both the industrial and academic worlds. Even if you only do one extracurricular project in your demanding student career, make it this one.” – Natasha Niznik, Team Ryerson 2012 (1st place WEAO, 2nd place at WEFTEC 2012)

““The Student Design Competition was the single most valuable experience that I’ve had while completing my undergraduate degree. I knew very little about the design process and the consulting industry, but decided to enter into the competition anyway. It was definitely a challenge! However, unlike studying for university courses, I actually felt that I was doing something that could be a job after I graduated. Our presentation at the annual WEAO conference has made a good impression on judges (who are all involved in the industry), one of whom ended up hiring me several months later. Many of the skills I learned while preparing for SDC have proved useful at the job I do now. If you are interested or curious about the water environment engineering, the SDC can be your bridge from school to the industry.” – Kirill Cheiko, Team Ryerson 2010 (1st place WEAO, 2nd place at WEFTEC 2010)


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