Canada’s Greatest Know It All is Casting Talented Women!

Canada’s Know It All Trailer

A nationwide search has begun for Discovery Channel’s hit television series “Canada’s Greatest Know It All”

Are you the one people call when they need to find facts fast? Are you amazing at finding solutions to everyday life challenges? Do you have an opinion about everything — and are usually right?

The television show “Canada’s Greatest Know It All” is a challenged based series. In the series, ten competitors claim to be “know-it-alls” and compete in a series of unique challenges. The challengers depend upon practical knowledge of physics, mathematics, and engineering to succeed at the challenges, as well as an ability to overcome the stereotype of know-it-alls. In this show, being a Know It All and using your knowledge to get through challenges is good, positive, and smart.

We are looking for women from all walks of life: engineers, stay at home moms, chemists, mechanics, doctors, accountants, nurses,  doctors, construction workers, artists, athletes, musicians…etc This is an incredible opportunity(paid) and experience that can change your life!

If you think you can put your intelligence to practical use, and find your way out of puzzling challenges then apply through our website

To qualify:

You are a woman over 18 years of age who lives in Canada.

You may or may not have a post-secondary degree or formal training, but you are unbeatable for how much you know about everything!

Download your application at  and EMAIL YOUR APPLICATION to:



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