Up In Smoke

Up in Smoke – One Man’s Burning Issue

Opening show of Up In Smoke

Opening shot of Up In Smoke

Read a promo for this new documentary on New Scientist today. A trailer is available on UpInSmoke.tv.

Slash and burn farming generates more carbon annually than all global aviation combined. Throughout the humid tropcial zones of the world, it is practised by between 250 and 400 million families. It is rarely reported and in environmental terms is the real elephant in the room, that very few people appear to see.

Up in Smoke follows the work of one British scientist, who over 25 years has been perfecting an alternative to slash and burn farming in the world’s equatorial rainforests.

And he’s found it…

This documentary follows scientist Mike Hands as he highlights the environmental and sustainability problems with slash and burn agriculture while proposing an alternative method – alley cropping.  This documentary is surely one worth jumping at the opportunity to watch it whenever that opportunity arises.


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