The SEEDS Team needs your help!

This year's SEEDS Team for the ECi, Michelle, Nicole, Michelle and Erqin (from left to right).

On May 14th students came to school on a Saturday to hear from experts and work on their proposal in the hope of becoming the team selected to compete in the Environmental Challenge International. Since then, a team of students has been selected and we are very happy to announce that our SEEDS Team will be composed of Nicole, Michelle C., Erqin, Michelle R. and Chris. Congratulations team! The team had to propose how to increase the percentage of renewable energy use in the US from 8% to 25% by the year 2025. Sounds simple but in actuality it is a complex problem. They basically had to solve one of today’s major environmental problems while considering environmental impacts, impacts on society and how feasible each technology is to implement.

They put together a solid proposal but… now we need your help! The team now has to travel to Orlando Florida (I know, what an unfortunate place for a competition 😉 ) to compete against international teams in the Environmental Challenge International. So, if you’ve got some cash to spare and would like to contribute getting the team to the competition then please hit that donate button below! All donations are greatly appreciated (even if you can only spare $20). You never know, maybe next year you will be part of the SEEDS team.


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