Clean Air Champions at the AWMA Breakfast Seminar

 This morning I attended the AWMA breakfast seminar where Deidre Laframboise, founder of the Clean Air Champions (CAC), talked a little about their programs.

Clean Air Champions is a series of programs that gets Canada’s top athletes to talk to elementary and high school students about the health effects of air pollution and climate change and what they can do about it. The CAC programs are really impressive and well designed to fit into the curriculum and teachers are more than happy to have them come into their classrooms. Did you know that an athlete will inhale 10x more air in their lifetime than the average person? They also travel the world and know the effects of air quality first hand as they have to adjust to their training schedule to local air quality conditions. That, plus the fact that our top athletes have to overcome difficult challenges to compete at high levels and are great role models for kids makes our athletes a great fit for motivating kids to take action. In the past, Carleton alumni and Olympic athlete Sarah Boudens ( was a clean air champion.

If you are a teacher and want to participate in the program, there are a number of programs available depending on the grade level of your students. For more info check out their website:


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