ENVE 4908 Final Year Design Project Presentations

It’s that time of year again, the Carleton University ENVE 4908 Final Year Design Project Presentations!  This year we would like to invite all undergraduate and graduate students alike to attend these presentations.  The presentations will take place  Tuesday March 29th 2011.  The presentations are broken up into two sessions.

Session A: Tory 236, 8:35 AM — 9:55 PM

  • Design of an earth energy system for a residential subdivision
    V. Advani, A. Lambros, L. Wadey, R. Arsenault
    Supervisor: Professor B. Isgor
  • Design of a deposition plan for oil sands tailings
    Yu, L., H. Tsang, D. Wu, N. Kajouri
    Supervisor: Professor P. Simms
  • Site remediation of a former jet fuel storage facility
    A. Fernades, K. Bazinet, H. Bromley, C. Ng
    Supervisor: Professor P. van Geel
  • North Gower Village Rideau Works Yard Site Remediation Plan
    A. Chowdhury, T. Sarabian, H. Dong, Q. Nguyen
    Supervisor: Professor P. van Geel

Session B: Mackenzie 4342, 1:05 PM — 2:25 PM

  • Living System Design: a natural wastewater treatment system for Ottawa’s Central Experimental Farm
    A. Pappin, A. Lynch, A. Gladish, T. MacPherson
    Supervisor: Professor B. Örmeci
  • Drinking Water for El Matazano Village, El Salvador
    J. Reyes, D. Achircano, M. Valiente, J. Garcia
    Supervisor: Professor P. Simms
  • Design of a tire derived fuel system
    A. Menyhart, I. Madueke, K. Dion-Belair, T. Lyon
    Supervisor: Professor A. Hakami
  • Design of an anaerobic digester for a livestock farm
    B. Koehler, S. Walker, P. Wilder, A. Mullen
    Supervisor: Professor A. Hakami

Presentations with be 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.

These projects are a show case of the students ability to incorporate the fundamentals in mathematics, science, and engineering and apply their skills to real-world problems.  So if you have time this March 29th, come experience these presentations.


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One response to “ENVE 4908 Final Year Design Project Presentations

  1. Natalie

    Way to go everyone! I was really impressed by the quality of the presentations and your designs!

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