Lunchtime Potluck

The coveted Golden Spoon, the people’s choice award for their favorite dish, is once again up for grabs during the SEEDS’ Lunchtime Potluck which is set to take place at Oliver’s on Friday March 18th beginning at 12 p.m. (noon).

The SEEDS potlucks have become  much anticipated events as participants aim to impress with their culinary delights. SEEDS member enjoy the friendly competition and bring out their  A game to give their fellow students a chance to taste dishes from around the world. This edition of the potluck was scheduled during lunch to allow for a greater opportunity for faculty and staff to mingle with students. To RSVP to the potluck, please fill out your name here.

Lunchtime Potluck

Date: Friday March 18th

Time: 12 p.m. (noon)

Location: Oliver’s, 1st floor Uni Center, Carleton University

Admission: Free if you bring a dish to share or $4 if you don’t.

In an effort to minimize waste please bring your own dishes. Disposable dishes will be available for $1.

RSVP: Click here (not required but helps us!)



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