What happens during the VeloCity National Bootcamp?

VeloCity is a residence where 70 of the most promising student entrepreneurs from across Canada will live from May-July.

The program will kicks-off with an entire week devoted to brainstorming ideas and getting to know the other resident entrepreneurs, building relationships and realizing promising business ventures.  We will have speakers, mentors and former VeloCity residence offering motivating talks and advice.  Toward the end of the week these ideas are built into products, during an intense coding weekend, and then presented to an audience for critical feedback at our start of term event.

Each week students will advance their business idea, presenting a new feature or new application to an audience of entrepreneurial peers.  The program will provide student the opportunity to network with the local entrepreneur community, within and outside of VeloCity. Through these events participants will develop key skills, build stronger connections with other entrepreneurs and understand the user experience of their product from audience feedback on their software.

To apply or for more info visit: inhttp://velocity.uwaterloo.ca/bootcamp


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