Conference: Science and Technology Awareness Network

On Friday the 5th of November from 1-3 pm the Science and Technology Awareness Network (STAN) is holding a Q & A event with three aims: to encourage youth to become involved in STAN and the science, engineering and technology community, to provide an opportunity for young talent to interview and network with professionals in their specialty, and to allow organizations to better understand what young talent is looking for in an employer. The event will open with a panel discussion, followed by round-table discussions mediated by an expert at each table. An open networking session, with refreshments, will wrap up the event. STAN has asked innovative leaders in the science and technology fields to be part of the panel or the round-table discussions on Friday November 5th to encourage communication between students and professionals in science and technology.

The event is taking place at the Ottawa Marriott Hotel and registration is free.  Please check out the STAN website for additional information:

STAN is a member driven organization comprising over 380 public and private sector institutions, including government ministries, school boards, corporations, museums, science centres and individuals.  STAN’s mandate is to enhance the profile and influence of the science and technology education and public awareness sector. They host a national conference each year to increase collaboration and networking among members.


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