The A&WMA Open House event last Thursday was a great success!

The A&WMA Open House event was last Thursday and in my opinion it was a great success!

We heard from Monique Punt, President of the Ottawa-Valley chapter of the A&WMA about the great networking opportunities that are available to its students members. The A&WMA-OVCT have also reduced their student membership fees from $45 to $10. To take advantage of the deal or to learn more about becoming a member info is available here.

We then heard from Josée Lacourcière Director of Governmental Affairs for Eastern Canada of  Newalta. Newalta is a company that started in the oil and gas industries but now specializes in using waste products to make new products. They have approximately 2,000 employees across the country and work on short, medium and long term solutions to transforming waste products on-site. What this means is that there is no transportation of waste products to separate facilities, which can significantly reduces costs. Two examples are (1) recycling of used batteries to return up to 99% of lead to automotive industries and (2) hydro-treatment of used automotive lubricating oil to return it to a near-virgin state for reuse.

We also heard from our team who competed in the Environmental Challenge International at the A&WMA conference in Calgary this past summer. They spoke of the their solution to the proposed problem as well as their experience at the conference. Their poster will be displayed in our halls here at Carleton, so make sure to keep an eye out for it.

Our final speaker was Julie Gaëtan Manager and Environmental Specialist at SNC-Lavalin where she works on air quality and climate change projects. Miss Gaëtan graduated in 2008 and spoke about why she chose to work as a consultant; to allow her to work on a number of different types of projects on both a regional, national and international scale. Working on environmental projects are especially rewarding for her because there are always possible improvements and it is rewarding to be able to quantify those differences. Her tip for new graduates: speak with more experienced professionals to get a good idea of what direction you want to go it.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to the event and to those that involved in making it happen including Monique and Smita from the A&WMA, Josee from Newalta and Julie from  SNC Lavalin, Andrew from Dalhousie University and Najlaa from University of Ottawa. A big thank you is also owed to our sponsors Newalta, The Chemistry Association of Canada.



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