OGG December Lunch Presentation

Application of Geotecnhnical Engineering in the Industry and Beyond

By Dr. Myint Win Bo

  • Date: Wednesday, December 9
  • Time: Registration 11:45 am, Lunch 12:00 pm (hot buffet), Presentation 12:45 pm
  • Location: Hellenic Community Centre, 1315 Prince of Wales Drive (15 min walk from Carleton, map)
  • Admission: $10 students (incl. hot buffet)
  • RSVP: Michel Timmons (OGGtreasurer@hotmail.com) by Noon December 7th

Abstract: The history of geotechnical engineering is not very old and it was initiated by an understanding of soil mechanics in the early 19th century. However significant applications of geotechnical engineering can be traced back as early as the 11 th century.

Geotechnical engineering involves ground investigation, geotechnical laboratory testing, geotechnical instrumentation, geotechnical design and analysis, ground improvement and ground engineering. These engineering principles are not only applied in the construction industry but also have been applied in rescuing  valuable heritage structures, transporting extra heavy equipment,  investigating the new planet, demolition and reconstruction of  famous structures, warship engineering, protecting the environment etc.

This presentation will describe services provided by the geotechnical  engineering discipline and will introduce some well known case  studies of geotechnical engineering services provided during history and demonstrate how geotechnical engineers have been involved  around the world; well known construction projects, incidents and  operations will be presented and explained.


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