Vote for Your Favorite Logo!

The logo competition has now closed and here are all the submissions! Have a look and vote for your favorite below (the voting box is found at the end of this post).

Cloverleaf Design: The green cloverleaf pattern was inspired by the picture used as a background on the SEEDS’ blog.  It could be taken to represent a stylized cloverleaf or the top view of a young seedling.  The cloverleaf has four petals could mean a number of things, such as (A) four-leafed clovers are lucky, (B) four programs are represented by the SEEDS group (Environmental Engineering, Science, Management and Design) but mainly, (C) four leaves look cooler than three.

Clover Logo

Cloverleaf Design

Maple Leaf Design: The seed shown at the centre of this design is a symbol of growth. The seed is surrounded by two protecting arcs to represent the care to be given to the environment from the students. Connecting the arcs makes an “S” shape, the first letter in the acronym “SEEDS”. The arcs end in maple leaf tips, a national symbol of Canada.

Maple Leaf Design

Puzzle Design: If you look closely you you can read the word “SEEDS” from the puzzle shapes. The yellow “e” shapes represent seeds and the other green shapes are the roots and sprouts that grow from the seeds. This logo is symmetrical and each element is made from a single uniform shape. I hope that you find this logo is interesting and visually pleasing. The interconnectedness of the pieces represents the way that:

  • Different elements in the environment are linked
  • Different schools are linked
  • Different focuses of SEEDS (professional, academic, social and outreach) are linked.
Puzzle Logo

Puzzle Design

Tree & World Design: The roots of the tree are holding the world globe to represent the protection of the environment given by growing more seeds on the globe. The wavy lines are the clean water that results from growing more trees. The whole logo illustrates that a seed is the source of having and protecting the environment and indicating that the name “SEEDS” is a good representative for the organization’s mission.

Tree and World Logo

Tree & World Design

Simple Design: I wanted a simple logo that would say a lot. The seeds underneath the “d” represent us: the SEEDS group, working toward a great cause. The cute little leaves sprouting on top of the “d” symbolize hope of a new beginning and of a positive change (that will have been brought about by us!). However, a friend of mine pointed out that the letters look somewhat like leaves. If you think so too, I have to admit that this was unintentional (talk of a happy accident!)

Simple Design

World Design: One seed is small and maybe unremarkable but many seeds is quite different. This logo is composed of many small dots which represent the individual members of SEEDS. By working together these individuals can make a significant change in the lives of other members and in the lives of people in the community. That is what this logo represents.

World Design

World Design


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One response to “Vote for Your Favorite Logo!

  1. kristin holtz

    I am so impressed with the variety and cleverness of all the designs – it was so hard to pick one

    as soon as you have chosen one, please let me know so we can put it on the CEE website and link to your website

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